Saturday, 31 August 2013

Woman Of The Year: My Gorgeous Mum!

I can honestly say that this week has been absolutely manic. More so than usual! I've been meaning to write a blog post for days and days now but this is the first bit of spare time that I've had to myself long enough to focus on it!

Last time I updated you all it was Sunday night. Day before weigh in! I only lost 1 lb last week but it's still a loss so I'm pretty happy. To be honest, I have just lost 11 lbs in 3 weeks so I know I can't complain too much!
I'm aiming to lose 3 lb this week to make it 1 stone in a month - wouldn't that be great? However not being at home and a mixture of manic plans and scheduling means I haven't been able to totally focus as well as I'd like to. We'll see!

Last week at group the winner of our Woman Of The Year was revealed.. it was my mum!
I'm so proud of her. She really does deserve it!
She's in close reach of her target having lost almost 6 stone in just a year!
I'll be honest, she is looking more beautiful than ever.
It really does give me the kick up the backside I need sometimes to keep me motivated, I can tell you!

I remember back when we started Slimming World and her motivation (as well as looking great and being healthy) was the fact she's always longed for a sash! It seems silly to some but it's what she wanted! I know she's going to be put forward to the regionals and then hopefully have a chance of perhaps being in the magazine one day. I think that would be fantastic!

However, all three women who were nominated deserved to win. They're all gorgeous, lovely ladies who are an inspiration to us all! The trouble with our SW group is that we're all doing so well it's hard to only nominate a few people! That surely can't be a bad thing though, can it? ;)

We've been through so much as a family and I can't describe in words how much I appreciate my mum and all she does for us. However, it's about time my mum stopped worrying about us all so much and started focusing on herself. She is one of my closest friends and a genuine, caring woman who deserves to be rewarded for how much support and inspiration she gives to others. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out.

Who knows, one day I might earn a nice SW title myself!

So much has happened this week (like my sister moving to Leeds for University!) that I haven't really photographed my food or tried anything too different. It's mostly been fruit, yoghurts and chicken meals. Lots of salad and veg as always!
For lunch today I've had a lovely ham salad with rocket, cucumber, tomatoes and spring onions. I've been walking more and drinking a lot more water than usual, too.

So I've got today, tomorrow and Monday daytime to be extra good until weigh in.
Hope you've all been having a great week!


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