Monday, 19 August 2013

Judgement Day!

So since last time I posted, I went to a carnival and resisted burgers, alcohol and all things naughty!
We didn't leave as early as I thought we would so I had a big lunch to keep me going until we got home.
I threw together another chicken/mushroom salad type thing which I'm pretty much living on at the moment!

I'm glad I was able to pull myself together and get back into my Slimming World mindset straight after the party on Friday night!
I would have been in big trouble otherwise.. I've been there before!

Yesterday I had quite a "hungry day" - more so than usual! I snacked on as much fruit as possible, I had some fat free yoghurt and a Chocolate & Fudge Alpen Light bar (love them but I try not to have them too often!) .

For dinner I fancied bangers & mash but didn't want the gravy.
I made mashed potatoes with a triangle of extra light dairylea and a few pinches of paprika
2 Sainsbury's Be Good To Yourself Cumberland Sausages (only 1/2 syn each - lifesaver!)
Chesnut mushrooms fried in Frylight and a big handful of salad and cucumber on the side.

I also got a bit sucked in by my boyfriend who was eating a whole pack of Sainsbury's milk chocolate chunk bakery cookies - unfair!
I'm fine unless I see him eating something I fancy but can't really have and then I go into syn-mode for some reason.
So, to stop myself being silly and binge-ing with him I decided to make myself a Cadbury's Highlights Hazelnut hot chocolate which I think comes to around 3 syns.

Today is Monday which means one thing ... JUDGEMENT DAY! I mean, er, weigh-in day..
I normally try not to eat before weigh in but it's not until 6pm and I just can't go all day on an empty stoumach otherwise i'll feel very sick. I had a small bowl of Fat Free Vanilla Onken and a load of raspberries. I'll take a Mugshot to have at group after being weighed!

It's always a weird feeling on a Monday because I never know what to expect. Weight can be so unpredictable!
I know I haven't been as good as last week so of course I'm not hoping for a big loss again but any loss would be great!
To be honest, after this week I'll be pretty happy if I stay the same.
However I do only need 2 and 1/2 lbs to get my one stone certificate (since I rejoined)

Fingers and toes crossed, eh!

Good luck to all of you who have weigh in today!

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