Thursday, 22 August 2013

Fried breakfast, leftover loaf & a new syn free favourite!

'ello 'ello!
First of all, can I just thank all of you that have read my blog posts so far.
According to my 'stats' it says this page has had over 500 views which is great!
I'm glad you find it interesting - I hope some of it is helpful or inspiring!

On Wednesday I had nothing to do but relax all day which was lovely. So, in the spirit of a true lazy British morning breakfast, I decided to whip up a fry-up!

I got the idea in my head that I wanted the full works so I was a bit disappointed when I discovered there were no eggs, tomatoes or much salad (which I always try to have on the side)
So I did what I could and ended up with a very yummy and filling brekkie anyway!

All fried in Sunflower Fry Light Spray, I had;
3 x Sainsbury's Be Good To Yourself Cumberland Sausages at 1/2 a syn each.
2 rashers of bacon with all visible fat cut off.
A big handful of chesnut mushrooms.
1/2 can of Heinz BBQ Beans.
And I felt like I didn't have enough veg so I chopped up the remainder of a cucumber I found in the fridge.. looked a little bit odd but it was really nice!

That night I ended up staying at my boyfriend's house which is often a bad move and he's ALWAYS snacking on chocolate and lovely sweet things.
I decided to arrive prepared so I packed a portion of my leftover chickpea dhal loaf with a big bag of salad and tomatoes!
I had it all cold with a drizzle of low fat salad cream and a few extra sprinkles of smoked paprika to add flavour.
In the end, I think he was jealous of my dinner instead of the other way around!
I snacked on a couple of satsumas and a big medley of melon that I bought in Sainsbury's on my way over.

I woke up early to catch the bus home and I had work at 1pm so I had a slice of the original ryvita with some marmite on it for breakfast.
I had an Alpen Light bar in my bag which I had half way through the day.

I've just got home and I don't feel hungry enough to want to cook a big main meal so I threw some pineapple, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in a bowl with my new favourite syn free treat!

I've recently discovered Marks & Spencer's fat free yoghurts from their 'count on us' range. Most, if not all of them are syn free and they come in really interesting flavours! I've just poured the raspberry panna cotta one all over my fruit salad - yum!

What are your favourite syn-free treats?


PS. While I was sat here writing this blog post, my boyfriend just walked in my front door presenting me with a bottle of champagne because he's so proud of how much weight I've lost! What a sweetheart!
If only that was syn free!!!!

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