Saturday, 17 August 2013

Weekends are so difficult! Stay focused!

Good morning!

Since my last post, everything's been pretty hectic! I was great with my food on Thursday and felt really proud of myself. I didn't eat much because I was working until 5pm and then went for a look around the shops and met a friend for a lovely pot of tea (how very English!)
I did get a bit peckish in town so I bought an Alpen Light bar which I had as my healthy extra B choice for the day and later on at home I made a sort of chicken salad type meal!

Most of the time I just seem to throw syn free foods together and hope for the best! I cooked the chicken, courgettes and mushrooms in Frylight spray, sprinkled with Chargrilled Chicken flavoured "Perfect Shake" seasoning from Schwartz which always makes everything taste amazing!

HOWEVER Friday was a tad destructive..

My boyfriend and I were invited to a 25th wedding anniversary party (on a boat!) which was amazing but I did give in to temptation a bit..
I had been really good with my food all day as I knew we were going out.
I even bought a dress in a boutique shop (in the sale!) which I ended up wearing. A year ago I went in there and got really disheartened because their clothes were all handmade and I didn't fit anything properly because they only do size "S/M" or "M/L"
But yesterday everything I tried on in there fitted me perfectly and I actually spent most of my time deciding what to get because I was spoiled for choice!
I have to say, I did feel really good about myself!

At the party I started off with a diet coke but as the evening progressed I found myself drinking vodka and diet coke.. and then a small glass of white wine.. and then there was champagne...
AND THEN as I'd spent all day shopping and getting ready I hadn't eaten a proper meal so when they bought out the food I pondered for a while but then I couldn't resist!
I had a wholemeal roll with ham in it (fine, not so bad.. maybe it had a bit of butter in it)
THEN I had some nibbles; 2 cocktail sausages, some grapes, a mini quiche...
AND THEN later on they had the most beautiful strawberry cheesecake and me being a little bit tipsy decided I'd somehow earned a slice. A very small slice, but a slice nonetheless.
I feel SO guilty!!!!

However I did enjoy myself and we had a really brilliant evening - it's not often you get to celebrate a friend's 25th wedding anniversary on a boat!
Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself but I know where I went wrong if the scales aren't kind to me on Monday evening.

I have today, tomorrow and all day Monday to be super strict and redeem myself so I'm drawing a line under last night and starting a fresh.

Today I've had some fat free vanilla Onken yoghurt with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for breakfast.

I'm going to a carnival today so I'll pack a chicken salad to take with me for lunch and some fruit to snack on.

Trying to stay positive, motivated and determined - I've got this on the wall in my kitchen!

Hope you've all had a good week and that you're enjoying my blog if you happen to come across it.
Feel free to leave a comment or anything if you fancy it or have any questions!



  1. Aw hun think you are being a tad hard on yourself dont think what you ate was to bad, prob could have been worse couldn't it? So you should feel proud you stopped when you did :-) As you say back to being good now you can do some great work in 3 days and im sure you will. Loving the blogs & loving your determination its infections :-) Diana xxx

  2. This is a fab blog Georgie, well done you!!
    You will be fine I'm sure, it's so hard tho, I completely agree with you BUT Together, we can do it!!!

    Sue white(Susannah)