Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Weigh in: SUCCESS!

I had weigh-in (a.k.a Judgement Day) on Monday evening which showed a surprisingly successful 6LB WEIGHT LOSS! I'm so pleased! I was feeling so low about my 2-week binge and the 6lbs that I gained. I think it really did give me the kick I needed to be strict with myself again. I can't believe I managed to get all 6lbs off that I gained! Luckily, I kept a food diary and also a plan so I wrote down all meals I had that week. I'll have to follow that again!

So with the massive confidence boost that's given me this week, as well as the faith I have in the extra easy plan, I'm back on track and more focused than ever! I'm now back to only having 14lbs left until target. ONE STONE TO GO! I'm hoping to get there in time for Christmas but I'm also thinking I'd really like to be at target for my boyfriend's 21st which is in the first week of November. A little bit more of a challenge but I think I could do it!

After club, I always stay at my mum's house and for dinner I had Sainsbury's Be Good To Yourself Cumberland Sausages (only 1/2 syn each!) with Smash mixed with Sage & Onion seasoning, red onions, mushrooms and a bit o' gravy (Can't have bangers & mash without it!) VERY yummy and filling.

The next day I had to go to a hospital appointment so I had a mullerlight yoghurt before I left. When I got home it was about 4pm so I was a bit peckish but didn't have time to make a big meal so snacked on 2 'Oaty Scan Bran' that I bought at the SW group to try out. I had them with a dairylea light cheese triangle, pickle and chicken tikka! I'd never had Scan Bran before so I was pleasantly surprised - and it filled the spot! You can have 5 x Scan Brans as your healthy extra B choice so I used mine for that and had an extra one later on before bed!

Last night my Dad and I went out to see a David Bowie film stream live from the V&A museum which was amazing but I didn't get home until quite late so I was really quite hungry by this point! I wasn't in the mood for cooking anything major but I decided to boil some pasta and quickly fry some mushrooms. I roughly diced a few slices of ham and added a bit of salad. Even though I didn't make a sauce or stir in anything, it was still really lovely! I love plain pasta!

So far today I've had a big bowl of fruit salad for breakfast and a few cups of tea (I'll use my milk as my H/E today) - planning to have either a tuna jacket potato with salad or defrost some SW cottage pie that I made last week!

DETERMINED to make this week just as good as the last one. Going to a 25th wedding anniversary party on a boat on Friday and there will be some people there who haven't seen me in a while. So, I want to feel confident! Going dress shopping tomorrow! Ahhhh!


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