Saturday, 18 January 2014

PHOTOS: My favourite meals!

Hello, lovely blog readers!
I do apologise for my lack of posting lately.
2014 is already proving to be crazy busy!
I have a few things I want to write about but I thought I may as well share some of my favourite syn free and low-syn meals that I make quite regularly!
(A bit of a lazy post, I know.. but the photos are piling up and there's no point keeping them on my laptop if I'm not going to share them!)

Spinach & fat free cottage cheese cannelloni
Recipe on the Slimming World website

'Diet Coke Chicken' and rice
I will post the recipe for this soon!
(However I'm sure you can find it online)

Slimming World style burger & chips
served with a vegetable skewer

Burger made with extra lean mince, seasoning, egg and worcestershire sauce.
Topped with cheese, onions, salad and bacon (fat cut off)
Use your wholemeal roll and cheese as your healthy extras.
Make your own chips - bake them in the oven & spray with frylight!

Homemade potato crisps
Use your leftover potato skin peelings from making chips,
season with paprika and salt & bake in the oven
with Frylight until brown and crispy.

Salad with cottage cheese and chives.

Pasta bows and chicken, red onion & leek
Served in a passata sauce on a bed of fresh spinach.
Topped with baked courgette slices
(My friend Momoko recommended that I sliced courgettes
and baked them in the oven with basil and paprika
because they taste like mini pizzas!)
Thank you for the idea, I loved them!

Curried Lentil Soup
Served with chicken, peppers and a wholemeal roll.

Pan-fried scallops with herby mash
Served with broccoli and drizzled with lemon juice.

Spinach & mushroom rigatoni
Stir in some dairylea light triangles or primula light cheese
Sprinkle with pepper and a pinch of parmesan.

Minted lamb and vegetable stew
Made with beef stock and gravy granules.
Served with a wholemeal roll.

Spinach, chicken and potato curry
Recipe in the Slimming World Extra Easy book.

Butternut squash and bacon risotto
Recipe on the Slimming World (USA) website.
Click here to see it!

Quick lunch: Tomato Mugshot & Salad
Mix in some tomato puree to make the Mugshot thicker!

Yoghurt & mint raita
Make with fat free natural yoghurt,
mint and finely diced cucumber.

Pasta salad with ham & cottage cheese
Drizzled with homemade syn free mint yoghurt raita dressing

Sweet & Sour Chicken and rice
My mum makes this all the time!
It's not on the website but it's in one of the books.
I will post the recipe for you soon as it's DELICIOUS!

Jelly, yoghurt & blueberry chocolate crunch
Make a big batch of jelly to keep in the fridge
using Hartley's sugarfree jelly crystals!
Top with a mullerlight or fat free yoghurt,
break up a double chocolate Alpen Light bar
(syn it or use as your healthy B choice)
and sprinkle with blueberries or other fruit!

Yoghurt & Fruit Medley
Similarly, I like to just pile up various fruits
on top of a fat free yoghurt.
Here, I used a strawberry mullerlight
with chopped strawberries & blueberries,
banana and cherries.

Those are two of my favourite quick & simple dessert ideas!

I hope you like the look of some of these meals, I absolutely love them!
Please don't hesitate to ask for the recipes or request a blog post.
I'll be happy to try out any new ideas you have to recommend too!
Get in touch on Facebook, on Twitter or by leaving a comment on here!

Thanks for all of your support with this blog so far,
I'm so flattered that so many of you are reading and sharing this page!
I really do hope you can find some inspiration and ideas here
to help keep you going on your marvellous journey!

Have an amazing week, good luck at your weigh-in if you have one!

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