Thursday, 5 September 2013

Recipe: Pasta 'n' Sauce Quiche!

That's right.
A quiche made with Batchelor's Pasta 'n' Sauce!
And boy, was it delicious.
Thank you to my mother for the recipe!
It seems only on Slimming World would we try something like this!


* 1 x Packet Batchelor's Cheese & Broccoli flavour Pasta 'n' Sauce
* FryLight Sunflower Oil Spray
* 3 beaten eggs
* Bacon (visible fat trimmed off)
* 3 leeks, washed and sliced.
* Diced onions
* 300g tub Low Fat (or fat free, but i haven't found any yet!) cottage cheese
* Reduced fat grated cheddar
* A few slices of tomato and salad to serve.

Before you do anything, pre-heat your oven to 180°c (Gas Mark 4)

Slice and dice 3 medium/large leeks and a couple of white onions. Fry in a saucepan on a low heat and spray with FryLight Sunflower Oil until soft.

Add 400ml of boiling water and the sachet of Pasta 'n' Sauce in to the saucepan with the leeks and onions. Mix in and stir for 10 minutes. Simmer on a low heat.

Meanwhile, mix 3 beaten eggs with the tub of cottage cheese in a bowl. Whisk them together until the consistency is as smooth as possible (basically try to mix out the lumpy bits!)

After 10 minutes of cooking the leeks (although it will look a bit watery) add in the egg/cheese mixture. Mix together in the saucepan on a low heat, stirring occasionally.

Line your quiche dish with as much bacon as you like but make sure you trim off all visible fats first!

Spoon the mixture from the saucepan in to your dish. Try not to fill it exactly to the top because the quiche will bubble a bit and overflow in your oven. There was actually so much mixture that I ended up needing to use a second dish!

Sprinkle with reduced fat cheddar or any other cheese you wish.
Note that one average portion will be from your Healthy Extra allowance. So try to allow for syns depending on how much cheese you use! (You can find the cheese allowance list in your Food Optimising book or in the Slimming World Online Food Diary)

I decorated the top with a few slices of tomato before popping in the oven.

Bake for 25-30 minutes or until slightly brown on top.

I will leave my larger quiche to cool and pop in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch!
However, we were so hungry we decided to have a portion of the second quiche fresh from the oven for dinner (after cooling a litt1e!). Served with salad so there's even more Superfree on my plate!

There are a few different SW quiche recipes on the internet but this one was really yummy. Thanks mum!


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  1. Easy to make made a large family size frittata. Not tasted it yet but looks exactly like screen shot